Once you have paired with-, connected to- and calibrated your Colourpin, you can start scanning for the closest matching NCS colour of any surface.

In order to scan a surface, position the Colourpin with the calibration lid removed on the surface you would like to scan and press either the pink crosshair button located in the middle of the main menu, or click on the hardware button on the top of the Colourpin. The app will then automatically show the Scan Results page with a preview of the surface you have measured at the top of the page and the closest matching NCS colour below it. It also presents a list of other matching colours below it.

You can then click on any of the match results to view that colour on the Colour Details page.

Note: If you do not see the match rating and ∆E00 difference, go to the Settings Page and enable "Show ∆E and match ratings".

Settings (ncscolour.com)