Private consumer

As a private consumer, you can easily order all our standard products directly in our Shop. Once you have added all the desired products to the shopping basket, accept the terms and conditions and proceed to checkout.

Complete steps 1 (Information) - 2 (Shipping) - 3 (Payment) and review the order before finalising the purchase. An order confirmation will be sent to you automatically.

If you have any questions during the ordering process, you will find contact information at the bottom of the page in the checkout or contact us via and we will help you!

We will process your order within 24 hours on weekdays and you will receive another email when your delivery is on its way. For information on delivery times, read more under How long does the delivery take.


Ordering as a company with a VAT number within EU for Tax exemption

If you wish to place an order with VAT exemption by registering your company VAT number, you need to create a company account by filling in all the fields here: Register a company account - NCS Colour

We recommend that you do this the first time you visit our website and Shop to have an account ready before you place an order. You can read more about company accounts under:


I have already started an order but missed to register a company account, what do I do?

If you have already placed products in the shopping cart and proceeded to check out without having registered as a company beforehand, click on the field Tax exemption in the information step before you start filling in your details or email address:

You will be redirected to a new page where you need to fill in your VAT number so that it can be verified and approved. The form will then open more fields to be filled in with your company details.

An account is automatically created with the information filled in and an activation email is sent to the email address provided.

(We recommend avoiding general email addresses such as info@xxx, shop@xx, invoice@xx, etc. as a login code will be sent to the email address you provide and is the contact email used for all further communication for your order. If you still choose to register an info@ or other general/shared email, make sure you have access to that email inbox first).

After registering your account, to go back to the information page and continue your order you need to click on the shopping basket (icon in the top right corner of the website). You must enter and log in to your account with the same email address you registered for VAT exemption when you return to the information stage. Failing to do so, the details of the current order will not be updated, and the VAT will still be applicable.

The payment option offered is credit card. Unfortunately, we cannot offer an invoice.


Also read: ONLINE SHOP - I have a customer account but I cannot add company vat number how do I proceed?