If you have a Colourpin II, Colourpin SE or Colourpin PRO, you can connect it to the NCS+ app in order to scan surfaces and identify their closest matching NCS colour.

  1. In order to connect to the Colourpin, first ensure that you have Bluetooth turned on and that your phone is set to accept new incoming connections from the Bluetooth settings of your phone.
  2. Within the NCS+ app, click on "Scan" from the main menu.
    1. The first time you open the screen, the app asks you if you own a Colourpin or not.
  3. Once the app is in pairing mode, turn on your Colourpin by clicking once on the Colourpin hardware button located on the top of the device. The device should now show up in the list of devices found.
  4. Click on the device in the list.
  5. Ensure that the calibration lid is securely mounted on the Colourpin
  6. Click on Calibrate.

If the Scan page appears, you have now successfully paired with your Colourpin and can use it to scan for closest matching NCS colours.

Note: Do not try to pair your Colourpin through the built-in Bluetooth accessory pairing in Android or iOS, only use the pairing process described above. 

How do I calibrate my device? (ncscolour.com)